Showmaster Sheen®

Sheen® is a premium feed supplement for show pigs, show calves, show lambs, show goats, show rabbits, show poultry and horses. It is specially designed to be fed with the Showmaster® diet to help achieve ideal show weight and to support skin and hair health.

SHM Sheen Lg. Bag - GIFWhy Sheen® show supplement is ideal for show animals

  • Dietary protein: 28% crude protein supports the desired muscle mass of show animals.
  • Innovative ingredients: Support skin and hair health and help to achieve ideal show weight with key ingredients for restricted diets.
  • Show micronutrients: Support the skin and hair health in show animals with select micronutrients, including amino acids, Vitamin E, minerals such potassium and others. Scientifically formulated to help meet the nutritional needs of show animals.

Important: This feed is not medicated.

Feeding Directions

Feeding directions for show poultry

  • Supplement your Showmaster® Premium Show diet with Sheen® show supplement by feeding, chickens, turkeys, gamebirds or other poultry from 21 days to the show and until the show date approximately five to 10 percent of the daily diet.
  • Introduce  Sheen® supplement gradually until the desired daily supplement level is achieved (see table below). Be sure to mix with feed. Do not top dress.
Poultry Number
of Birds
Feed Amount in
Pounds Per Bird
Sheen® in
Pounds Per Day
Chickens 10 1 lb. per 10 birds 0.1 lb.
Turkeys 10 4 lb. per 10 birds 0.4 lb.
Gamebirds 10 0.75 lb. per 10 birds 0.07 lb.