Show Lamb Start to Finish

A complete, textured show lamb feed designed to be fed from weaning to market.

SHM Lamb StoF Large Bag - GIFWhy Show Lamb Start to Finish is ideal for show lambs

  • Healthy Tract™ Technology: A proprietary blend of select ingredients helps support urinary tract health by lowering pH levels and balancing calcium and phosphorous levels for optimum function in show lambs on nutrient-rich show diets.
  • Advanced amino acid profile: Multiple sources of protein, by-pass amino acids and guaranteed amino acid levels help create a winning profile promoting optimum performance, including muscle development, growth in frame, bloom and body condition.
  • Superior palatability: Innovative formula with superior palatability helps encourage consumption in young, early weaned lambs and helps keep lambs on feed for proper intake levels and superior performance from start to finish.
  • Performance-driven features: A powerful combination of added features promotes superior performance in show lambs, including Omega-3 fatty acids, added yeast culture, direct-fed microbials and organic trace mineral complexes of selenium, zinc, manganese and cobalt.
  • Active nutrient supply: Elevated nutrient levels, enhanced nutrient availability and superior overall nutritional balance promote unprecedented performance in show lambs at every stage.Show micronutrients: Select micronutrients support strong bones, a healthy immune system and muscle mass found in superior show lambs, including Vitamin E, thiamine, biotin and zinc.
  • Thiamine (Vitamin B1) added: Supports the thiamine nutrient requirement for lambs. Thiamine is important for normal brain function.

Feeding Directions

Feeding directions

  • Weigh your lamb in pounds and multiply that number by .01 (1.0%). The result is the amount of daily feed on which you should start your lamb. Weight of your new lamb in pounds x .01 =_____ pounds of daily feed_____ pounds of daily feed x 16 ounces = _____ ounces of daily feed. Example: If your lamb weighs 50 pounds, you will feed eight ounces of feed.
  • Hay should be available free choice to start and then reduced as lambs come on feed. Limited hay may be fed to lambs on full feed at the rate a half pound per lamb per day.
  • Over the next two to three weeks, gradually increase the feed until, at the end of the period, you are feeding the equivalent of 3.5% to 4% of your lamb’s bodyweight per day.
  • If it becomes necessary to limit weight gains, this ration can be used as a holding ration 30 to 45 days before showing by limiting daily feed amounts until desired rate of gain is achieved.
  • CAUTION: Do not limit intake by more than one third of the full feeding level. When feed intake is reduced by 25% or more, add one-quarter pound of Sheen supplement per head per day to the ration.

Feeding Schedule

Feeding table

Weight (Pounds) Weight (Kilograms) Showmaster® Formula Daily Feed (Pounds)
(2.5-3.5% Bodyweight)
Daily Feed (Kilograms)
(2.5-3.5% Bodyweight)
Less than 20 Less than 9 Show Lamb Sales Edge™ Creep feed Creep feed
20 lbs. 9 kg Show Lamb Sales Edge™ 0.5 to 0.7 lbs. 0.23 to 0.32 kg
40 lbs. 18 kg Show Lamb Sales Edge™ 1 to
1.4 lbs.
0.46 to 0.64 kg
60 lbs. 27 kg Show Lamb Developer or Textured 1.5 to 2.1 lbs. 0.68 to 0.95 kg
80 lbs. 36 kg Show Lamb Developer or Textured 2 to
2.8 lbs.
0.92 to 1.28 kg
100 lbs. 45 kg Show Lamb Developer or Textured 2.5 to 3.5 lbs. 1.15 to 1.6 kg
120 lbs. or finish 54 kg or finish Show Lamb Developer or Textured 3 to
4.2 lbs.
1.56 to 1.9 kg

Feeding schedule for textured feeds

Target Weight Gain in Pounds Per Day

Weight (Pounds) % Bodyweight
0.2 Lb. Per Day
0.2 Lb. Per Day
% Bodyweight
0.45 Lb. Per Day
0.45 Lb. Per Day
% Bodyweight
0.7 Lb. Per Day
0.7 Lb. Per Day
40 - - 4.7% 1.9 - -
50 - - 4.3% 2.2 - -
65 - - 4% 2.6 5.2% 3.4
90 2.5% 2.3 3.7% 3.3 4.7% 4.2
115 2.4% 2.7 3.5% 4 - -

Important: This feed is available in a medicated form. Please refer to the tag on the bag for important information and instructions related to medication, including proper feeding instructions and any cautions, warnings and limitations that may apply.

Important Management Tips

Important management tips

  • Provide access to fresh, clean water at all times.
  • De-worm lambs on a regular schedule, rotating de-wormers between treatments for best results.
  • Make sure that lambs are current on all vaccinations, including enterotoxemia, before going on full feed.
  • Exercise your show lambs by walking them three to five times a week to improve your control in the show ring and your showmanship skills. An exercise program is also recommended to support muscle development in your lambs.
  • Do NOT provide show lambs access to free choice minerals or high phosphorus minerals, as they may increase the risk of urinary calculi or “water belly.”

Please refer to the bag tag for important information!