Show Calf Grower

A medicated, high-performance growing ration for beef calves being raised for show competition.

SHM Calf Grower Bag - Large- GIFWhy Show Calf Grower feed is ideal for your show calves

  • Advanced protein and amino acid nutrition: Unlocks the calf’s potential for muscle growth and development with select sources of non-degradable and rumen degradable proteins to promote rumen microbial growth and furnish the best complement of essential amino acids.
  • Optimal energy nutrition: Matches the calf’s growing energy needs with multiple sources of energy during the growing phase and as weight gains shift from growth to finishing. Supports efficient growth and development with reduced risk of digestive upsets (off-feed problems, acidosis, burnout) sometimes seen when excessive cereal grains are fed.
  • Optimal trace minerals: Proteinated copper, zinc, manganese and cobalt are used to provide highly bioavailable sources of these key trace minerals for protein synthesis and energy utilization and to help maintain tissue integrity, support the immune system response and help maintain show condition of hair coat and hide.
  • Rumen and Gut Health Technology: Helps improve feed intake and helps reduce risk of digestive upsets and burnout over long feeding periods.

Before You Feed

Before you feed your calf

The complete feeding directions below will help you put together a winning strategy for your calf, but first calculate the following:

Determine the amount of Show Calf Grower feed you need to feed by calculating the following:

  • Total weight gain needed: Subtract your calf’s current weight from the desired show weight: ______ pounds.
  • Estimated daily gain: Divide the total weight gain needed by the number of days until the show date: _____ pounds.
  • Target daily feed intake: Check the feeding schedule by using the estimated daily gain: ____ pounds.

Be sure to subtract the weight of your feed container when you weigh your feed.

Feeding Directions

Starting calves

  • At the start of the feeding period, fill calves on hay and gradually introduce Show Calf Grower feed over time by starting with two to three pounds the first day, divided into two equal feedings.
  • Increase feed by one to one and a half pounds per day, with corresponding decreases in hay until full feed intake is achieved.
  • Once calves are on full feed, all hay may be eliminated and Show Calf Grower should be hand fed a minimum of twice a day.

On full feed

  • Feed should always be available but should be limited to an amount that is completely consumed before the next feeding.
  • Remove any feed not consumed during the feeding period and reduce the amount of feed in proportion to the amount left over.
  • Similarly, increase the amount of feed when feed is completely consumed before the next feeding, but limit this increase to one pound or less.
  • Feed according to the feeding schedule as a general guideline. Daily feed should be divided into two or more equal feedings, and the time of feeding should be consistent from day to day.

Feeding Schedule

Feeding schedule for Show Calf Grower

Days on Feed Animal Weight (pounds) Full Feed Daily Intake (pounds) Target Daily Feed Intake (pounds) Estimated Daily Gain (pounds)
45 650 18.5 18.5 2.35
90 755 21.5 20.5 2.50
135 865 26.0 23.5 2.65
180 985 25.5 24.0 3.25
225 1,135 26.5 24.0 2.80
270 1,260 26.5 24.0 2.40
315 1,340 27.0 24.0 2.40

Important: This feed is available in a medicated form. Please refer to the tag on the bag for important information and instructions related to medication, including proper feeding instructions and any cautions, warnings and limitations that may apply.

Important management tips:

  • Check weight gains at set time intervals and adjust daily feeding rate as needed to ensure targeted weight gains are reached.
  • Calculate weight gains at a rate that will provide consistent growth and adequate time for finishing.
  • Always transition slowly from one ration to another to avoid upset.
  • Water should be clean, fresh and available at all times.

Please refer to the bag tag for important feed information!

Guaranteed Analysis

Showmaster Products are formulated and sold regionally. Please see your part of the country for the guaranteed analysis of the product available to you.

Region Crude Protein Min. Crude Fat Min. Crude Fiber Max.
North East 12.5% 3.0% 17.0%
South Central 12.0% 3.0% 16.0%
South East 12.0% 5.0% 16.0%
Upper Midwest 12.5% 3.0% 15.0%
West 13.5% 3.5% 16.0%

Product Sheet

Showmaster Calf Grower